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Fun Play Slots

Slots are by far one of the most accessible and popular casino games available, and since their humble beginnings, they have advanced to online versions that are chock-full of rich graphics and bonuses. Here at Play Royal Vegas we’ve swopped out the usual slots and replaced them all with fun play slots. This means we’ve shifted the focus from cash wins to nothing but fun wins.


Types of fun play slots

  • Arcade slots
  • Reel slots
  • Video slots

History of slots

The Liberty Bell was the first slot machine built, and little did the inventor know that the slot machine would enjoy world-wide popularity.

Known as "slots" in the US and "fruit machines" in the UK, slot machine shave ben providing thrills as far back as 1887. Today’s technology has provided games makers and designers with much more advanced tools with which to craft these games. This is why our range of fun play slots will entertain and wow you at the same time.

The Liberty Bell had three spinning reels and four basic symbols: diamonds, spades, bells and horseshoes. These days, slot games have an assortment of images and themes, as well as innovative features designed to keep you entertained for longer. Players can choose between classic reel slots or modern video slots; either way the excitement never stops.

Enjoying our fun play slots is so simple. Simply sign up to become a member and you’ll get to experience more than a hundred specially selected slot games and along with that, daily promotions sure to keep you coming back for more.

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