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Play Royal Vegas Promotions

Play Royal Vegas Online Promotions

Welcome Offer 

So you’ve decided to give fun play gaming a go, and why not? What is there to lose? There’s this notion that big risks equate big rewards. We’re here to let you know that fun play is not about the rewards as much as it’s simply about the fun..  Plus, we dish out daily credits and provide daily ways to get more.The idea is really just to give you more ways to play, more of the time. It is with all this in mind that we’d like to open up the floor with our incredible sign up offer: a 200% match up to 2000 credits. With fun play gaming your credits can go on for longer and we want to give you as many as we can for your first go. 

400 Free Credits

We want to get you started on the right foot and to make sure you’re ready to go from the get-go, we’ll give you 400 credits just for signing up! This is the equivalent of 400 dollars’ worth of credits. Think of all that you can play once you pop those babies into one of our many online slot machines. Imagine how many hands you can play in online blackjack or how many rounds of video poker you can go. We want you to get into the thick of it and most of all, we just want you to have fun.

Play Royal Vegas Online Daily Missions

200% Up to 2000

In addition to the 400 big ones we’ll give just for signing up, we’ll throw in a 200% match up to 2000. Put down 20 and play with 60 is what this means and the fact that you can max it out at 2000 credits means that you’ll be the one who determines how long you can play.

24 Hour Slot Leaderboard

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition and nothing says that better than our Play Royal Vegas 24 hour slot leaderboard. Each leaderboard makes use of a different slot game and thanks to a 10 cycle schedule, you can get a solid idea of what’s coming up and plan your leaderboard activity.After each leaderboard has run its course, those who made the grade will reap the rewards of the leaderboard winnings.

You’ll need to make it into the top 10 to get your share of the leaderboard rewards. Winnings are tiered from a share of 2000 credits for top 10 from the pool.

Play Royal Vegas Online Daily Deals

Keep Track on the Leader Board

Every time you take part in one of our exciting fun play Leaderboards, you’ll be able to see how you’re fairing against the competition. When all the dust has settled and the leaderboard has run its course, you’ll be able to see where you eventually ended up and if you’re in the top ten, then you’ll be part of the recipients of the prize pool!

Daily Free Credits

Daily free credits, that’s right. No deposit required. Just log into your account and we’ll be ready to give you something to start playing with. Everyday an offer will be available; all you have to do is long into your account, check out the lobby and claim your offer.

In addition to your daily free credits, there will also be a daily match offer, just in case you’d like to go on having fun.

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